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About Eklectico Cafe

What does Eklectíco mean?

Eklectíco represents an “eclectic collective”. Coined by founder Jenny, "Eklectico" represents a collaboration between people, culture, and creativity. It's Spanish flair is symbolic to Jenny and her time spent in living abroad in Sevilla, Spain. 


Why Café? 

To us, café symbolizes a sense of togetherness, comfort, and creative inspiration. Like many cafes through Europe, we want Eklectíco Café to be a inviting place for people come together.

As our inventory will be changing frequently to coincide with the seasons, we encourage you to check back in regularly to see what we’re brewing up.

Our Mission  

At Eklectico Cafe we strive for our curated collection and pop-ups to be sources of inspiration and enjoyment. We aim to be an active community partner, with a continuous focus on charitable and sustainable initiatives.  

How is our mission put into action?
It is an integral part of our mission to be charitable and collaborative. At every pop-up event we donate a portion of our proceeds to a charitable cause. We welcome feedback on what causes are near and dear - whether it be animal welfare, the veterans, homelessness, education, or another meaningful cause. 

We chose to introduce our signature bamboo sunglasses as one of Eklectíco’s break out products because of bamboo’s eco-friendly nature. As one of the world’s fastest growing grasses, bamboo does not need for fertilizers, pesticides. It is heartier than most hardwoods, so you know you are buying a high-quality, durable product. We look forward to more bamboo items to join our collection soon.  

..Curated to Captivate..